JONESBORO, ARKANSAS CITY GUIDE 2018 : 75 The city of Jonesboro is constantly searching for innovative ways to expand and to provide opportunities to better the community. The establishment of New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYITCOM) located at Arkansas State University is the most recent approach to enhancing the quality of life for people in the region. Only the second medical school in Arkansas, NYITCOM at A-State is educating its 120 inaugural class of medical students through the power of technology to guide students to the future of medicine. The partnership with the New York Institute of Technology located in Long Island, New York provides the Jonesboro campus students with interaction amongst a variety of professors, lectures and guest speakers from thousands of miles away via live video feed and recordings. NYITCOM at A-State Site Dean, Barbara Ross-Lee, D.O. stated that not only will this new medical school attract new business related to medicine and health into the Jonesboro area, but it will help increase access to available health resources across the region. With a $12.6 million renovation to historic Wilson Hall, NYITCOM at A-State is educating medical students in the program to be fully equipped to enter the medical profession and become fully licensed physicians whom have the ability practice in all areas of medicine. The idea behind osteopathic medicine that makes it a unique practice is that it strives to make people healthy in mind, body and spirit without relying on pharmaceuticals as means of medication. Osteopathic medicine provides all of the benefits of modern medicine including prescription drugs, surgery and the use of technology to diagnose a disease and evaluate injury. The unique idea behind osteopathic medicine is that it offers the added benefit of a holistic approach to patient care and emphasizes helping patients achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit by focusing on health promotion and disease prevention. One of the major reasons that NYIT chose to institute a D.O. Program in Jonesboro is because a majority of doctors that practice osteopathic medicine choose careers as primary care physicians. Currently Arkansas is ranked 48 out of 50 in the number of practicing doctors, which is a dire concern in the state. NYITCOM at A-State is working to combat this issue by promoting the need for primary care physicians in Arkansas and encouraging the students that learn here to stay here. Hallie Frederick of Jonesboro, a first-year medical student at NYITCOM at A-State knew since high school that she wanted to be a doctor and she could not be more excited to attend medical school in her home state and hometown and make an impact on the people of the delta region who desperately need it. “I believe Jonesboro is one of the best places to live, work and call home”, noted Fredrick. Among NYITCOM’s top-notch technology equipment is a focus on telemedicine to provide clinical health care from a distance. It eliminates distance barriers and improves access to medical services that would not be as readily available to patients in rural areas. Through the use of a rounder, a patient can be accessed, diagnosed and even treated by specialists via telecommunications. NYITCOM is providing a distinctive approach to medicine and is transforming the approach to medical care in the region. The future of medicine in the delta region is changing and is quickly transitioning to be at the forefront of the latest medical advances and technologies available. NYITCOM at A-State is positioning itself to be a member of the Jonesboro community through community projects, educational programs for regional high school students and undergraduate college students and medical services to the community in collaboration with existing healthcare facilities. The Jonesboro region understands the need for more physicians in the area and is highly supportive of the D.O. program at A-State. “The commitment of the regional health institutions and their visionary leadership makes Jonesboro the ideal place to create a new NYITCOM”, stated Lee. n NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE