64 : JONESBORO, ARKANSAS CITY GUIDE 2018 Arkansas State became the first university in the Mid-South to welcome LimeBike onto its campus. As the first Bicycle Friendly University in Arkansas, A-State enhances its position with the addition of the commuter bicycles to its current recreational bike share at the Red WOLF Center. The distinctive lime green and yellow commuter-style bicycles have garnered both local and national attention. Arkansas State was featured along with LimeBike on Forbes.com and Wired. com. “To be able to provide a service with no up-front cost that actually has more flexibility for our students is a huge win-win for A-State and our students,” Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Rick Stripling said. The cost for usage of the bicycles is minimal for ASU students. Use of a LimeBike is only 50 cents per 30-minute time block for individuals with AState.edu email addresses. For all other residents of Jonesboro, use of a LimeBike is just $1.00. After downloading the smartphone app, users may employ different methods for payment. LimeBike is the first dockless bike share to offer a cash program, which allows riders to unlock their rides in their preferred method of payment. The bicycles are equipped with three-speed gearing, lights and a front basket to carry items. Bikes are GPS and 3G-enabled, making it simple for riders to find, unlock and pick up a nearby bike using the iOS or Android smartphone app. When the ride is finished, riders simply lock the bike’s back wheel and responsibly park between the pedestrian-designated sidewalk and the street curb, or at a bike rack. “We are asking that students utilize the on-campus bike racking locations and other designated bike corral locations as responsible places to park LimeBikes,” Bill Hall, also co-chair of the campus’ ad-hoc bicycle planning committee. “One of the benefits of the GPS system is we can monitor the patterns of usage and determine where new or additional parking corrals need to be located.” When you need to get from one part of Jonesboro to another, look for JET, or Jonesboro Economical Transit, bus stops. JET is the city’s public transit system and offers both fixed routes and paratransit service. All JET vehicles are wheelchair accessible. JET offers five fixed routes the cover much of East, West, North and Central parts of the city. Each route includes one stop at the JET Regional Transfer Center located at 713 South Caraway Road so you can transfer from one route to another, enabling you to easily reach your destination. Fixed Route fares range from .60¢ for Youth to $1.25 for Adults to $2.50 for Paratransit. All fares are based on the price of a one-way trip and entitles the passenger to (1) ride one loop on that route, and (2) transfer to another JET Fixed Route bus for passage to his/her destination. JET passengers must provide a destination to the driver; if you wish to remain on the bus past the stop where you originally boarded (one loop), you must pay an additional one- way fare. Fares should be paid with correct change or a pre-paid JET pass. If overpayment occurs, JET drive will present a “change card” for credit, regardless of amount. If you have functional mobility limitations, JET provides paratransit services within ¾ of a mile of its fixed routes. You must qualify to use the paratransit service and rates are slightly higher than Adult rates. To learn more, or apply for paratransit service, call the JET paratransit coordinator at 870-935-5387, email jet@jonesboro. org, or check online for more information: www.jonesboro.org/446/Paratransit-Service JET also offers a 1-Day, a 7-Day, and a 31-Day Pass. Passes can be purchased at the Collection Office located in the Municipal Center at 300 S. Church Street. There is also a Youth Summer Pass (ages 6-18) available between Memorial Day and Labor Day. GETTING FROM HERE ...TO JONESBORO JETS PUBLIC TRANSIT SYSTEM